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YOUR plan will be designed to help you achieve your goals by providing you with personalized information about WHAT to eat, WHEN to eat, what VITAMINS and MINERALS your body needs, specific NUMERICAL DATA to outline your caloric/protein/fat/carbohydrate/fiber needs each day, and HOW to apply this knowledge when you PLAN your meals.

What You Can Learn

How to read nutritional information labels
How to meal plan, prep, and grocery shop for success
Portion size and macronutrient needs
Effective ways to make your fitness and nutrition work together to achieve goals such as lose weight, build muscle, improve athletic performance

You’ll be guided & supported on every step toward health & happiness.

Plans Customized to Your Needs like

Sports/Athlete Specific
Endurance Running
Weight Loss/Body Composition Change
Allergy Concerns
Gluten/Casein Intolerance
How to read nutritional information labels

Available nutrition plans are not intended to diagnose, treat, or otherwise address any medical illness or disease but to serve as a guideline for healthy eating for clients who currently have no conflicting medical issues. All clients must receive medical clearance before starting a plan. A Fitness Nutrition Specialist is certified to provide dietary guidance to healthy clients; not a registered dietician or degreed/licensed nutritionist.


Initial Session [1 hr]

Completion of paperwork: background information & physical assessment
Discussion of current lifestyle & habits
Identification of success barriers
Establishment of short & long term goals
Food journal templates

Plan Establishment Session [1 hr]

Personalized numerical dietary needs
Dietary guidelines for daily meals and snacks
Evaluation of completed food journal with improvement recommendations
Resource materials
A personalized portfolio for all information




Meet at local grocery store of your choice to teach you how to read labels, what to look for, what to avoid, and/or shop for your weekly menu


Get an in-home make-over for your pantry and fridge! Learn what needs to go in the trash and how to restock with health choices. Cooking tool evaluation and reccomendations too…you have to have the right tools!

Add a nutrition service to a personal training or health coaching package…ask about our multi-service rates!


Initial Assessment and Consultation. Each nutrition consult session will include program support such as: assess and track progress, modify plan as appropriate, analyze nutrition journals, re-establish goals, identify barriers to success, allow for client accountability, provide nutrition resources, and address individual client needs and concerns. VirtuaGym online portfolio.

5 Sessions$250
10 Sessions$450
15 Sessions$600