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Just Do It! Go All In!

Personal training is your opportunity to receive a program that is individually created to suit your wellness level and tailored to achieve fitness goals. A personal trainer has the background, knowledge, and experience that is essential in designing a successful program. Let a trainer set you on your way to success. Call today for your FREE consultation!

What You’ll Gain From Your Trainer

Demonstrate how to work out smarter, not harder or longer
Establish appropriate goals
Build client independence through basic fitness education
Provide encouragement, motivation & accountability
Develop creative & individualized training routines-no boredom or plateaus

Inclusive Training*

*prices may vary depending on individual
Range of Motion Focus
Bracing/Splinting Application & Usage (as medically prescribed by client’s physician-prescription required)
Incorporation of specialized equipment and/or limited mobility needs

What To Expect in Your Session

Depending on the goals you establish with your trainer, future sessions may include:
Weight/Resistance Strength Training
Abdominal/Core Strength Training
Cardiovascular/Endurance Training
Sport Specific/Race Training
Flexibility Work

Are you ready to workout on your own and just need a program to follow?
Ask about online and independent training packages!


Includes full body composition, cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility.

Personal Training New Orleans
Health and Personal Training New Orleans
Personal Trainer New Orleans


Initial Consultation (new clients), program design, goal setting, custom workouts with data detail (copy provided to client), basic nutrition guidance, progress tracking through regular assessments.

5 Sessions$375/$75 session
10 Sessions$700/$70 session
15 Sessions$825/$55 session
20 Sessions $900/$45 session
25 Sessions$1,000/$40 session


Personal Training for 2 people: Initial Consultation (new clients), program design, detailed session/assessment data documentation for each person.

5 Sessions$300/person
10 Sessions$450/person
15 Sessions$550/person
20 Sessions $625/person
25 Sessions$700/person